5 reasons why you should buy IsaBee Coffee

IsaBee Coffees is a direct coffee beans import company from Fazenda Paiol to Germany. We're a mother-daughter intercontinental company, which the Farm is located in Três Corações, Minas Gerais, Brazil and the handler in Berlin, Pflügerstr. 11, 12047.

Buying coffee directly from the farmer is a great way to support sustainable and ethical farming practices while also enjoying a high-quality cup of coffee. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Supports Fair Prices for Farmers: When you buy coffee directly from a farmer, you're cutting out middlemen and supporting the farmer directly. This can help ensure that the farmer receives a fair price for their coffee beans, rather than having to sell at a lower price to intermediaries.

  2. Encourages Sustainable Farming: Many farmers who sell directly to consumers are committed to sustainable farming practices. By buying from them, you're supporting their efforts to grow coffee in an environmentally-friendly way, such as using composting, shade-grown techniques, and organic and mineral fertilizers.

  3. Provides Traceability: When you buy coffee directly from a farmer, you know exactly where your coffee beans came from. This level of traceability can give you peace of mind that your coffee was ethically and sustainably produced.

  4. Allows for Direct Communication: When you buy coffee directly from a farmer, you have the opportunity to communicate directly with the person who grew your coffee. This can give you a deeper understanding of the coffee growing process and help you appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into producing each cup of coffee.

  5. Delivers Freshness: Coffee that is bought directly from the farmer is often roasted in small batches, ensuring that it is fresh and has not been sitting on a shelf for weeks or months. This can result in a more flavorful and enjoyable cup of coffee.

In summary, buying coffee directly from the farmer can be a great way to support ethical and sustainable farming practices while also enjoying high-quality coffee. If you're looking for a way to feel good about your coffee purchases, buying directly from farmers is a great place to start.

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